Should You Do Shaun T. Insanity Workout

Insanity available nowShould You Do the Insanity Fitness Program by Shaun T? You’ve heard the buzz about Shaun T. INSANITY and now you want to get a toned, slim, ripped body in just 60 days too!  But wait, is Insanity for you? Take a look at these guidelines to determine if Insanity is for you!

Graduates of Other Beachbody Fitness Programs
If you have already conquered other Beachbody programs and enjoy your results, you may be ready to commit to Insanity, an even tougher program!

Cardio Lovers: Runners, Hikers, Spinners
Do you thrive on that endorphin rush you get from intense cardio? MAX Interval Training will challenge and have you feeling exhilarated.

Men and Women in Top Physical Condition
Do you regularly run marathons? You can find your performance improved by Insanity’s demanding cardio, strength, and resistance exercises.

Extreme Athletes
Are you a rock climber, snow boarder, or do some other rugged adventure sport? Insanity’s combination of intense cardio, strength training, and plyometrics can keep you in peak condition year-round.

Who Should NOT Do Insanity?
If you are a beginner, pregnant woman, a person who is not willing to work hard, or do not consistently do high-impact exercise, then DO NOT do Insanity. There are many other Beachbody at-home fitness programs for you!

Are you up for INSANITY? It’s a challenge. Take it. Best price, low shipping cost.


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One Response to “Should You Do Shaun T. Insanity Workout”

  • Michael Elkins

    I am 27, used to be an athlete and played lots of sports. I am coordinated and very determined (sometimes to a fault). Well 8 years have gone by since I have been super super active in an extreme workout situation. My knees are good and so is the back. Should I do this or something else?

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