Shaun T. Insanity Upper Body Weight Training DVD

Insanity, with fitness trainer Shaun T, is a 60-day body conditioning program that will challenge you both mentally and physically. With Insanity, you do not use weights or resistance bands! You do explosive combination of cardio and plyometric drills, strength, power, and resistance using only your body for resistance. The base Insanity kit includes 10 DVDs.

The Insanity Upper Body Weight Training DVD is part of the Insanity Deluxe 13 DVD or Insanity Deluxe Recovery 13 DVD 60-day Fitness program. Upper Body Weight Training is a 45 minute workout.

insanity upper body weight training

The Insanity Upper Body Weight Training DVD is for you if you like to lift weights sometimes in addition to the cardio intervals that comprise the main Insanity workouts.  Shaun T. recommends that you do the upper body weight training 2 to 3 times per week. In this special workout, you will lift weights one-on-one with Shaun T., from his New York City gym.

There is nothing typical about this workout! You will work your entire upper body – chest, back, biceps, and triceps. Shaun also gets you doing crazy cardio intervals.

You will need some fitness equipment for the Insanity upper body weight training program: dumbbells in varying sizes and a weight training bench. You can also use anything similar to a weight training bench. I use my ottoman table and it works just fine. You do not use resistance bands for these exercises!

Insanity Upper Body Weight Training starts you out with a six minute warmup that includes moves like: speed jogging, jump rope moves, jumping jacks, side-to-side heisman and power hooks. Then you do it all again,  just faster! That’s when the real fun starts!

Next, Shaun T. takes you through upper body weight exercises such as 360 shoulder presses, pulse bicep curls, and in and out abs with triceps pushups.  Shaun T.  groups certain exercises together into a circuit. You start each exercise circuit doing 12 reps, the next circuit is 10 reps with a heavier weight, and the final circuit is 8 reps with an even heavier weight. Make sure you have dumbbells to accommodate the varying weights you will need to perform the strength exercises.

These are not your typical, traditional weight bearing exercises. You will be doing Shaun T. style exercises like 180 Lateral Raises, power jumps, elevated triceps dips and more! With Shaun T, you don’t just do chest presses! You do chest presses with leg raises at the same time, and your head and shoulders never touch the bench – these stay elevated during the exercise to give your abs an awesome workout too! Shaun mixes in cardio like Ski Abs to get your heart rate going and work those abs at the same time.

It’s an exhausting and challenging workout without much rest time. You will be pushed to the maximum. Be sure to have a towel or two on hand – you will need them. I like that Shaun puts his own spin on the exercises to make them challenging and fun. He is motivating and will keep you focused on pushing through each Insanity exercise.

Insanity Upper Body Weight Training is ONLY sold with Insanity Deluxe or Insanity Deluxe Recovery!

(includes free Fast and Furious DVD – exclusively at Team Beachbody)

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  • James

    Thanks for the info on Insanity – just got it and am stoked to get started. Does the Upper body workout replace 2-3 of these workouts or is it in addition to the workouts on the calendar – or do you just add it in per your liking? Thanks and take care.

  • Lisa

    Hi James

    Shaun suggests doing the upper body workout 2 – 3 times per week. I was adding it in place of another workout. But if you have the energy, you can do it in addition to a workout.

    Best always

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    There are lots of bodybuilding programs which are found in the Internet. Nevertheless, you would want to make a good research first before making any step in doing such exercises.

    The article was great,thanks for the info it really helps me a lot…keep up the good work and more power.

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  • Rosanna Scipio

    Extremely interesting blog post thank you for sharing I just added your blog to my favorites and will be back.

  • Harold

    Which insanity workouts did you omit to make room for the upper body workout. I only have time to do 1 insanity per day. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Hi – you can replace any of the workouts with the upper body workout. Hope that helps.

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