Shaun T. Insanity Deluxe Upgrade 3 DVD Set Available Now

If you purchased Shaun T’s Insanity base kit with 10 DVDs and wish you had gotten the Insanity Deluxe kit instead, NOW YOU CAN! Available now is the 3 DVD upgrade to complete your Insanity set!

The Insanity Deluxe upgrade includes 3 DVDs that will push you even further:

  • MAX Interval Training. Shaun T. is a former track star and knows how to give you the interval workouts designed for elite athletes – 55 minutes.
  • Insane Abs. 33 minutes of taking your abs to new levels that you never knew existed using insane moves!
  • Upper-Body Weighted Workout. Shaun T lifts weights on occasion! Go one on one with Shaun to work your entire upper body—chest, back, arms, and shoulders. I bet you never did weighted workouts like this before! 48 minutes.

These three Insanity DVDs are well worth the $44.85 (ship est. $4.95)  and will make a great addition to your base Insanity 10 DVD kit.


insanity deluxe upgrade

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Elena Lost 55 Pounds with Insanity

Elena is on an inspirational weight loss transformation journey, in which she lost an incredible 55 pounds with Insanity, the most extreme cardio conditioning program ever put on DVD. Her story may not be too different from yours, but she did something about her weight problem and so can you!

It all started in September 2010. She tipped the scales at 222 pounds, the heaviest she ever was. Feeling like she hit rock bottom, she cried herself to sleep at night because she was so depressed. She finally decided she had to do something right away to change her body and her life.

Lost 55 pounds with Insanity workout

After starting the Insanity fitness program, she still remembers the amazing feeling she got after completing that first week of workouts. According to Elena, “You feel so good about yourself. The max interval training is insane.” With Insanity max interval training, you go hard intensity then a short break for water. The whole time you do the workout you put out 110%. You really have to push yourself but all that hard work does payoff!

After the first round of Insanity she lost 17 pounds and 20 inches. Her endurance and stamina was so much better and she remained excited about the program. She just had to do it again and couldn’t wait for even better results.

After doing Insanty a third time, she had lost an amazing 55 pounds and 50 inches. Her clothing size went from a 17/18 to a size 11/12! She never had a flat stomach but she does now! Elena never had a body like this in her life and loves herself now.
When she was 222 pounds she would see other girls happy and smiling and be jealous. Now she is that girl. This program is unbelieveable. You must try it!

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Insanity Programa de Acondicionamiento para Todo el Cuerpo en 60 Días

PhotobucketTransforma tu cuerpo en 60 días con el programa de ejercicios más intenso que jamás se haya puesto en un DVD. Shaun T te llevará más allá de tus límites para lograr tener el cuerpo más duro y fibroso que hayas tenido en toda tu vida.

Comprar INSANITY – Nuevo bono exclusivo Rápido y Frenético de ejercicios INSANITY®… ¡disponible en Team Beachbody®!

  • De Locura y Prueba Física. Para comenzar, Shaun pondrá tu cuerpo a prueba para saber cuál es tu condición física. (30 min.)
  • Circuito Pliométrico Cardio. Quema grasa con intervalos de ejercicios pliométricos intensos para la parte inferior del cuerpo y cardio para sudar. (42 min.)
  • Fuerza y Resistencia Cardio. Logra fibra muscular y definición de la parte superior del cuerpo con movimientos de potencia y entrenamiento de fortalecimiento. (40 min.)
  • Recuperación Cardio. Shaun lo hace un poco más fácil una vez por semana para que estés listo para la siguiente ronda. (33 min.)
  • Puro Cardio y Abdominales Cardio. Saltea los intervalos: este es ejercicio sin pausa extremo. (55 min.)
  • Cardio y Equilibrio para el Centro. Toma un descanso después del primer mes y prepárate para el segundo mes con estos ejercicios. (37 min.)
  • Circuito a Intervalos Max y Prueba Física. Este circuito a intervalos es más intenso que cualquier otra cosa que hayas hecho antes. (86 min.)
  • Pliométrico a Intervalos Max. Trabaja las piernas hasta que pidan piedad con ejercicios pliométricos y de potencia al MÁXIMO. (55 min.)
  • Cardio Max y Abdominales Cardio. Exígete al límite con esto ejercicio cardio extremo. (65 min.)
  • Recuperación Max. Descansa y acumula fuerza para otra ronda con movimientos y estiramientos intensos. (47 min.)

Además, obtén estos 4 regalos gratis:

  • Plan Nutricional Elite. Un plan de comidas diseñado específicamente para darle energía a tu cuerpo para que puedas hacer estos ejercicios intensos.
  • Guía de Ejercicio. Es corta y precisa, y contiene sólo la información que necesitas. Queremos que hagas ejercicios, no que leas.
  • Calendario INSANITY®. Te permite controlar tu progreso a lo largo de Mes 1 y el Mes 2, establecer objetivos de ejercicio y mantener la motivación todo el tiempo. Además, el Control para la prueba física controla los resultados a medida que transformas tu cuerpo.
  • Herramientas GRATIS de Apoyo en Línea. Mantente inspirado mediante el contacto permanente con expertos en ejercicio y el apoyo de compañeros.

Ejercicio extra disponible en Team Beachbody®:

  • Rápido y Frenético. Cuando tienes poco tiempo, pide el ejercicio de 45 minutos comprimido en 20 minutos con este ejercicio INSANITY extra disponible solo en Team Beachbody.

Comprar INSANITY – Nuevo bono exclusivo Rápido y Frenético de ejercicios INSANITY®… ¡disponible en Team Beachbody®!

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PhotobucketINSANITY: THE ASYLUM is an exciting new in-home sports-specific training program based on drills used by pro athletes. It’s the first of its kind. In this intense 30-day workout program, you’ll be moving like a football running back and scoring points like an all-star guard!

Shaun T, creator of successful programs like INSANITY® and Hip Hop Abs®, will help you take your speed, coordination, agility, strength, and power to an elite athlete level.

Sound good? Before you take the plunge into these intense sports training drills, find out if this is the fitness program for you!

Who should do Insanity Asylum?

  • People in top physical shape who want to take their results to the next level.
    The workout combines the MAX Interval Training principles with exciting and challenging new sports training drills.
  • Graduates of INSANITY, P90X, TurboFire, and other advanced fitness programs
    If you loved the intense cardio, strength training, and plyometrics of these programs, and you’re looking for something new, THE ASYLUM is the answer.
  • Athletes and former athletes who want to improve or recapture their performance, no matter their sport or game
    It’s the first in-home sports-specific training program based on drills used by pro athletes. Commit to it and you’ll improve your strength, game skills, and abilities.
  • People who are tired of traditional cardio and stopped seeing results
    This fitness program incorporates the same drills used by pro athletes that will enable you to play at your highest levels. So you can Dig Deeper than ever, while improving your game-day skills.
  • Cardio lovers like runners, spinners, or cyclists
    This workout offers intense cardio conditioning, the proven results of MAX Interval Training, and the challenge of progressively tougher drills.
  • People who want to achieve rapid, dramatic improvement in their fitness
    THE ASYLUM is a 30-day program that will help you determine your current level of fitness and then gain measurable improvements.

Who should NOT DO this intense fitness program
Beginners; pregnant women; children; people who aren’t willing to work hard; people with back, neck, joint, or other injuries; or people who don’t consistently do high-impact exercise.

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Insanity The Asylum Fit Test Review

With INSANITY THE ASYLUM, the newest fitness program from Beachbody, Shaun T. pushes you further than ever before! These are the hardest workouts you’ll ever try, which is exactly why you need to track your progress with the Asylum Fit Test, or Athletic Performance Assessment.

Equipment needed:

  • Speed Rope
  • Agility Ladder
  • Chin-Up Bar (optional)

You do the Fit Test before you start Insanity Asylum and then again every 30 days. Remember, it’s not about where you are at right now, it’s about where you are going. You’ll need to measure your progress to find out. The Asylum Fit Test is 25 minutes and begins with a 5-minute warm up. These will get your heart rate up in preparation for the Fit Test:

  • Jump Rope
  • High Knee Sprints
  • Forward / Back Agility using the ladder – gets your mind ready for what your body needs to do.
  • Stretch

Next up are the 9 exercises you need to get your body right. Your heart rate warms up, in preparation for the fit test.

Write down how many reps you did for each exercise

  1. Agility Heisman moving up and back through the Agility Ladder. Whatever your skill level, just keep going. It’s testing YOUR agility and speed. Your agility means not hitting the ladder but stepping inside the squares of the ladder.
  2. In and Out Ab Progressions. You are in a pushup position and jump your feet inside the first square of the ladder without hitting it. It’s really hard! If you mess up, you need to fix your ladder and keep going.
  3. Lat Pushups or Dead Hang Pullups. You have choices. The Lat Pushups are like a wide, moving pushup. The more you improve with this exercise, the better your back will look!
  4. Mountain Climber Switch Kicks. Need I say more? Get those heels up above your waist! No low kicks here.
  5. Agility Shoulder Taps. Agility for your hands.
  6. X Jumps. Starting in a near chair pose with arms straight down to toes, jump up to an X position and then down again.
  7. Moving Push Ups. Agility and chest strength at the same time using the ladder! Keep fluid motion using your best strength and hand/eye coordination.
  8. Agility Lateral Shuffle. Fast stepping through the ladder without messing it up.
  9. Bear Crawl.

Hang out for the cool down. You’ll need it.

Are you in it to win it?

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