Insanity Get Fit or Get Out

Get ready for the most intense workout program ever put on DVD! Insanity is the 60-day total body conditioning program that will push your limits. Want to find out what you are made of? Get ready to dig deep with Insanity by Shaun T!

This is serious get on the floor and work hard. It is not for everybody! Picture yourself getting, lean, strong, and ripped! How bad do you want it? if you like a challenge and don’t mind working out in a pool of your own sweat, then you might just be ready for Insanity.

You don’t need weights. Your own body provides the resistance. Insanity is an extreme 60 day exercise program. Insanity will test your limits both physically and mentally. But, if you can stick with it for 60 days, you’ll end up with the hardest body you ever had.

(includes free access to online fitness tools and community support)

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