Insanity The Asylum Fit Test Review

With INSANITY THE ASYLUM, the newest fitness program from Beachbody, Shaun T. pushes you further than ever before! These are the hardest workouts you’ll ever try, which is exactly why you need to track your progress with the Asylum Fit Test, or Athletic Performance Assessment.

Equipment needed:

  • Speed Rope
  • Agility Ladder
  • Chin-Up Bar (optional)

You do the Fit Test before you start Insanity Asylum and then again every 30 days. Remember, it’s not about where you are at right now, it’s about where you are going. You’ll need to measure your progress to find out. The Asylum Fit Test is 25 minutes and begins with a 5-minute warm up. These will get your heart rate up in preparation for the Fit Test:

  • Jump Rope
  • High Knee Sprints
  • Forward / Back Agility using the ladder – gets your mind ready for what your body needs to do.
  • Stretch

Next up are the 9 exercises you need to get your body right. Your heart rate warms up, in preparation for the fit test.

Write down how many reps you did for each exercise

  1. Agility Heisman moving up and back through the Agility Ladder. Whatever your skill level, just keep going. It’s testing YOUR agility and speed. Your agility means not hitting the ladder but stepping inside the squares of the ladder.
  2. In and Out Ab Progressions. You are in a pushup position and jump your feet inside the first square of the ladder without hitting it. It’s really hard! If you mess up, you need to fix your ladder and keep going.
  3. Lat Pushups or Dead Hang Pullups. You have choices. The Lat Pushups are like a wide, moving pushup. The more you improve with this exercise, the better your back will look!
  4. Mountain Climber Switch Kicks. Need I say more? Get those heels up above your waist! No low kicks here.
  5. Agility Shoulder Taps. Agility for your hands.
  6. X Jumps. Starting in a near chair pose with arms straight down to toes, jump up to an X position and then down again.
  7. Moving Push Ups. Agility and chest strength at the same time using the ladder! Keep fluid motion using your best strength and hand/eye coordination.
  8. Agility Lateral Shuffle. Fast stepping through the ladder without messing it up.
  9. Bear Crawl.

Hang out for the cool down. You’ll need it.

Are you in it to win it?

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