Insanity Max Interval Circuit DVD Review

Max Interval Circuit is one of 10 DVDs included in Shaun T. Insanity fitness base kit or one of 13 DVDs in the Insanity Deluxe kit. Insanity is a 60-day fitness program and you do the Max Interval Circuit workout in month 2 of the fitness program. Max Interval Circuit will kick your butt!

The 60 minute interval circuit is more intense than anything you’ve ever done before and will push you past your limits with non-stop intervals.

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You start your 60 minute workout with a 10 minutes warmup consisting of a set of intense exercises (you thought this was just a stretching warmup did you?) When the first circuit is complete, you get to do it 2 more times! You do the first set of Insanity Max Interval Circuit warmup exercises at an easy pace. The next set you go faster, and the final set is even faster! After the warmup, you will be tired and sweating, so be sure to pace yourself or you will never make it through the real workout!

In the warmup, you get to do exercises like jogging, straight arm jumping jacks, side to side floor hops, and jumping air rope side to side. Shaun reminds you that he is “here to train you and kick your butt today – I am not playing!”

INSANITY max interval circuit

When you finish the warm up, you can get some water (you’ll need it) and a nice stretch for 5 minutes! Take advantage of this time folks and be prepared for what is to come next! When the Insanity Max Interval Circuit stretch is complete, the real fun starts!

Shaun takes you through a series of exercises performed in a circuit. You do each set of exercises and repeat the set 3 times total. The last set is ALWAYS fast and furious! You’ll be doing Shaun T. style exercises like sprinting with lunges, oblique pushups (knees to elbows), power strikes, frog jumps, and floor switch kicks.

The exercises in Max Interval Circuit are intense and near the end of the 60 minute workout, you will be feeling it! Think you can keep up? Think again. It may take you a few tries to keep up with Insanity Max Interval Circuit!

Shaun takes the intensity down a few notches with 3.5 minute much needed stretch that you will be thankful for! Insanity is NOT for a beginner. If you have what it takes to bring your fitness to a whole new level, take the Shaun T. Insanity challenge. It will challenge you!

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(includes free access to fitness tools)

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