Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning Workout Review

The Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning workout is 47 minutes of pure endurance training. Endurance training is a type of exercise that increases your stamina and endurance. Performing these type of exercises strengthens and elongates the muscles for preparation of extended periods of use.

Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning workout is one of 10 DVDs included with Insanity 60-day workout program. If you are an athlete, max cardio with Shaun T. can help you train train for endurance to compete in running and biking races. If you are not a competitive athlete, you can train to burn calories and fat.

insanity max cardio conditioning DVD

Shaun T. starts you out with a 10 minute warmup that includes the usual faire of running in place, jumping jacks, side-to-side jump rope, high knees, and more. In true Shaun T Insanity style, you do circuits through the warm up, performing the exercises a little more intense and fast with each circuit. The warmup is followed by a few minutes of a much needed stretching session. The warmup is so intense you may think it is the actual workout but it’s not!

You will get pushed to your limit with this extreme Insanity cardio workout as all the exercises are performed at an advanced level. You use the Insanity Max Cardio DVD in the second 30 days. You will need the base conditioning achieved in the first 30 days in order to do these exercises.

The endurance workout is 32 minutes long. You may not think that is much time, but when you do this workout, well it’s so intense that you may not make it through the 32 minutes. You will be doing nonstop jumping high low exercises, football runs with drops to the floor, high jumps with low moving squats, floor jack pushups, and much more!

Shaun is awesome at constantly pushing you through the workout – you will need it! He stresses good form at all times, there is no room to get sloppy on these exercises if you want to get results. Shaun also stresses staying in control at all times. The Max Cardio conditioning Insanity workout will have you working harder than most of the other workout DVDs included with the 60 day program.

If you want to get in great shape and do the hardest workout you may ever experience on DVD, then get Insanity. It is tough but when you see your body changing, your heart rate lowered, your endurance and ability improved, you will see why it was all worth it!

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