Insanity Fast and Furious – Exclusive Free Workout

If you are ready to dig deep and transform your body with Insanity, Shaun T has a special workout offer for you! When you purchase via a Team Beachbody coach link - like this one – you get a brand new sweat soaked bonus workout for FREE!

Fast and Furious Insanity workout DVD - FREE

Shaun T. was excited to create a special Insanity workout DVD available exclusively for Team Beachbody members. It’s called “Fast and Furious” and it comes FREE with Insanity or Insanity Deluxe!

It’s perfect when you are short on time. It’s like getting a 45-minute Insanity workout in just 20 minutes! You push as hard as you can and there are no breaks!

Get Fast and Furious workout as a bonus with YOUR Insanity fitness program today!

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