Insanity Cardio Abs versus Insane Abs

To get well defined abs takes work. For the best results, you need a combination of good nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning, and an awesome abdominal workout! You can accomplish tight, toned abs with Insanity, the newest 60-day fitness program with Shaun T.

Many of the exercises in Insanity work your abdominal muscles, but there  two DVDs devoted to working your abs! These are Cardio Abs and Insane Abs. Cardio Abs is included with Shaun T’s Insanity 10 DVD base kit and 13 DVD kit. Insane Abs is only included with Insanity 13 DVD Deluxe package (or Deluxe Recovery).

insanity cardio abs

So which Insanity Abs program should you do to get great looking abs? Both Cardio Abs and Insane Abs are intense workouts!

Let’s take a look at the difference between Insanity Cardio Abs and Insane Abs.

Insanity Cardio Abs – 10 DVD Kit and 13 DVD Kit

Insanity Cardio Abs is 16 1/2 minutes of intense abdominal exercises where you NEVER do one sit-up or crunch! Usually, you do Cardio Abs after Pure Cardio, an exercise DVD that is part of the Insanity fitness program. Shaun T. gets you started with a 2 minute warm up that includes exercises like jogging, high knees, and tuck jumps with an elbow to the knee. Shaun reminds you to “keep that core tight!”

After the warm up, Shaun takes you through a series of ab exercises that are all launched from the C-Sit position, from the hips to shoulders.

You do exercises like twists to the knee, a-frame ab twists, a-frame with knee lift, and single leg raises. Performing these ab exercises from the C-Sit position is nothing short of a miracle! Yes, you will feel your abs working and may even want to stop – but if you want those nice, toned abs, you will keep going. And NO compromising your form!

You also do a last series of exercises from plank position like high plank with alternate knees to the sides and then you do it again, just faster!

The 16 minutes goes fast. Shaun T. explains each Insane exercise and is easy to follow.

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Insanity Insane Abs – 13 DVD Kit

INSANITY Insane Abs is only sold with Insanity Deluxe and is 33 minutes of the most intense ab workout you will ever do! Insane Abs is NOT on the workout calendar that comes with Insanity. Insane Abs is NOT for beginners!

You can substitute Insane Abs for Cardio Abs if you want to. Shaun T. starts Insane Abs with a standing warm up that will let you see what you are made of! This 5-minute cardio warm up will having you doing plyometric moves, running in place with high knees with upper body twists and much more. Even though you will be tired out, Shaun also gets you performing exercises like Tuck Jumps and T-Kicks.

Next, there is no laying down for the floor exercises. These are all performed from the C-Sit position, which is balancing on your buttocks with legs raised out in front and upper body at an angle (chest and head up). Insane Ab exercises are not traditional at all. In Power Abs, you get to balance on your buttocks with legs bent and wide, upper body off the floor at a high angle. Now, bring your knees towards your chest and use perfect form!

Insane Abs core exercises will do you in. And it does not end there. Shaun completes the routine with Oblique Rotations and Low Plank Hops from plank position.

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Insane Abs is much harder to do than Cardio Abs. If you are not ready for a super intense ab workout, then do Cardio Abs and work your way up to Insane Abs. It is fun and the results are amazing! Great abs.

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3 Responses to “Insanity Cardio Abs versus Insane Abs”

  • Diana Clemens

    My insane abs and max sports dvds jump all around and dont seem to be working like the rest of the dvd’s…

  • Lisa

    You need to contact customer support. The number should be on your invoice.

  • Angela

    My insane abs and max sports dvds jump around as well. I called customer service and found they will only sell you replacement dvds if you bought your program from them. Unfortunately, I bought mine from an individual so customer service would not sell me a replacement insane abs dvd. :(

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