How to Survive Insanity with Shaun T.

So you decided to take the Insanity 60-day challenge! The method behind Insanity is MAX Interval training. Sure, you’ve heard of interval training but this is different! With MAX Interval training you work harder and longer and rest less.

Insanity 60-day workoutHow do you survive it? I talk to many people who start Insanity only to discover they can’t keep up! It’s intense. Here are some tips to help YOU not only survive this workout, but get amazing results!

  • Take the Fit Test. If you have a difficult time completing the Insanity Fit Test, then be honest with yourself – you may not be ready for Insanity. That’s OK. Not everyone is. Consider another Beachbody program to prepare yourself for the most intense fitness program ever created for DVD!
  • Wear supportive shoes – seriously! There is a lot of plyometrics in this workout. You can injure yourself if you wear crappy shoes!
  • If you get sore, that doesn’t mean you should stop. No. Normal soreness is expected and you can use ice or ibuprofen. If you are really serious, try the P90X Results and Recovery formula to help your body recover faster from such an intense workout. Just be sure to drink it within 30 minutes of completing your workout.
  • Are you eating right? Let’s be honest. If you eat crappy food and do an intense workuto, I doubt you will survive it or get any good results. Fitness is exercise + eating healthy. If you are not willing to do that, why bother? Don’t skimp on calories either. If you eat too few calories to provide your body with the necessary energy to do Insanity with Shaun, then your body will think you are starving it and go into slow metabolism mode. Then you won’t lose any weight at all!
  • Food is a source of energy that gives your body the nutrients it needs to survive fitness programs like Insanity! Be sure to read the Elite Nutrition guide carefully. Determine your daily caloric needs and pay attention to “when to eat”. If you feel like your are still lacking energy, you can try adding Shakeology shakes to your diet. Shakeology goes great with the workouts and will help boost your energy and provide those nutrients you may be missing from your daily intake of food.
  • Get support! We all need support from time to time to stick with a goal or workout. Contact your Team Beachbody Coach or log into your Team Beachbody account where an entire community of people can help support you in your fitness goal.

Stop thinking about getting fit and just do it the right way!

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