Elena Lost 55 Pounds with Insanity

Elena is on an inspirational weight loss transformation journey, in which she lost an incredible 55 pounds with Insanity, the most extreme cardio conditioning program ever put on DVD. Her story may not be too different from yours, but she did something about her weight problem and so can you!

It all started in September 2010. She tipped the scales at 222 pounds, the heaviest she ever was. Feeling like she hit rock bottom, she cried herself to sleep at night because she was so depressed. She finally decided she had to do something right away to change her body and her life.

Lost 55 pounds with Insanity workout

After starting the Insanity fitness program, she still remembers the amazing feeling she got after completing that first week of workouts. According to Elena, “You feel so good about yourself. The max interval training is insane.” With Insanity max interval training, you go hard intensity then a short break for water. The whole time you do the workout you put out 110%. You really have to push yourself but all that hard work does payoff!

After the first round of Insanity she lost 17 pounds and 20 inches. Her endurance and stamina was so much better and she remained excited about the program. She just had to do it again and couldn’t wait for even better results.

After doing Insanty a third time, she had lost an amazing 55 pounds and 50 inches. Her clothing size went from a 17/18 to a size 11/12! She never had a flat stomach but she does now! Elena never had a body like this in her life and loves herself now.
When she was 222 pounds she would see other girls happy and smiling and be jealous. Now she is that girl. This program is unbelieveable. You must try it!

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