Best Shoes to Wear for Shaun T. Insanity Workouts

When you do a fitness program like Shaun T’s Insanity, you need a good pair of exercise shoes! A good pair of shoes will help prevent injury and enable you to perform better during exercises. Insanity is an intense 60-day program, where you will be doing exercise moves like plyometrics, jumping, and fast jogging in place. Plyometrics is a form of training designed to improve both power and strength. It usually involves some level of jumping. Whether you are jogging in place or doing plyometrics, your feet are continually hitting the ground. You need shoes that will support your joints and give you a soft landing!

Adidas Supernova Sequence shoes

I set out to purchase my fitness shoes for the Insanity at-home 60-day program. I am a long-time Nike gal so my first stop was Nike. I ended up bringing a pair home but they didn’t work out so I returned them. With most shoe purchases from any store, you can return the shoes as long as you don’t wear them outdoors.

Overall, I ended up purchasing a total of 7 pairs of shoes, ranging from Nike to New Balance and Reebok. I returned 6 and kept 1 pair. The pair I kept and use for my Insanity workouts are the Adidas Supernova Sequence 2. I would never have selected these on my own but got a recommendation by someone who was an avid runner.

The best advice is to go to a good running store. Like a real running store that specializes in fitting serious runners (and other activities) for shoes! The people that work at these specialty running stores know what they are talking about and can analyze your foot strike to help you determine the type of athletic shoe that is best for you!

These shoes were the best for me! The Adidas Supernova are sold in specialty running stores and are designed for serious runners. I purchased my Adidas Supernova Sequence 2 shoes online from Zappos. These shoes are wonderful for my Insanity workouts. They are designed for runners at every level. The inside cushioning is devine and feels great on my feet! Here are some other features that make the Adidas Supernova Sequence 2 shoes a winner to do for any activity, including Shaun T. Insanity workouts:

  • FORMOTION™ adapts to the ground to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable run possible
  • Synthetic upper for durability; MicroSuede for smooth forefoot fit and support for the natural flex zones of the foot; LightStrike 55 lasting for added comfort and stability
  • Non-slip lining for comfort and performance; Dual-layer adiLite/respoEVA sockliner for great step-in and motion comfort
  • adiPRENE®+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency; TORSION® SYSTEM for midfoot integrity
  • GEOFIT™ construction for anatomical fit and comfort; Pro-moderator medial support device prevents overpronation
  • adiWEAR® outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability; Blown rubber outsole for lightweight grip and cushion

The Adidas shoes work so well for me that I got a second pair, which I only wear indoors for at-home fitness programs. The other pair I use for outdoor only – that way I don’t get all that dirt in the house.

You can purchase the Adida shoes at most stores that carry Adidas, but I like shopping at Zappos. They have free shipping and easy returns if the shoes don’t fit right.

These shoes may or may not work best for you! Everyone is different. I love them! Send yourself to a specialty running store that knows what they are talking about and get some  shoes that are right for you. What shoes do you wear for intense workouts?

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2 Responses to “Best Shoes to Wear for Shaun T. Insanity Workouts”

  • Kristie

    i thought running shoes lacked lateral support, which is necessary for plyo-based or cross-training workouts?

  • Kieren

    I agree with Kristie.

    I have running shoes and they are no good for the side to side movements in INSANITY. I’m looking at buying tennis or squash shoes now for the lateral support

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